LG’s New Curved Smart Phone To Be Called The LG G Flex

Posted on Nov 25 2013 - 4:33pm by TechAxle

Smart phones featuring a flexible chassis coupled with a flexible screen will soon become a part of reality as the first LG smart phone with that physical amorphous curved display will be scheduled to launch by next week. The initial reports that started coming in stated that the name given to this smart phone would be known as the LG Z. However, afterwards, more rumors started sprouting up that being true to the physical nature of the smart phone; the phone will be named the LG G FLEX.



LG G Flex - TechAxle

Being part of LG’s notorious G branded smart phones, it is quite normal if you see this particular smart phone being loaded with some impressive specifications. The Snapdragon 800 processor has become assimilated to many new smart phones and in a few months time, being incorporated in every high profile smart phone will soon become a norm for every vendor out there. However, the majority of the specifications are still earthed at moment; hopefully to be released when then smart phone nears its launch date.

LG G Flex - 1TechAxle

The LG G Flex is also rumored to have a 6 inch display, resulting in the smart phone being a phablet and also which would gently curve in at the center making the ends to taper out. The curve has been properly engineered to wrap around your face when you are making phone calls, making it the proper smart phone that will not be a form of encumbrance with those sharp edges touching the face. While we expected the device to launch later this week, there are claims that the device may come out only in November.

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